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For the longest time, the idea for this blog brewed in my mind silently in those late hours when disparate notions converge in fleeting moments of acute awareness.

In the morning that clarity of mind was generally gone, and the need to start crystallizing those thoughts was the seed for "Creative Spirit, Methodical Mind".

I grew up in a family where a binomial relationship between Art and Science defined our daily conversations. My mother is a talented interior designer from whom I learned that outstanding aesthetics are achieved only through hard work, and my father is a highly intuitive doctor who taught me to live by the principle of Occam's Razor, whereby the simplest solution is generally the best one.

By chance or by choice (I guess it isn't entirely clear yet), my professional career has bridged both creative and analytical worlds. After graduating from college with a degree in Economics, I started out as a management consultant and when a detour pulled me towards the design industry, I became fascinated with the process by which problem solving could be used to create things that had such a powerful impact in the way people live their lives. At that time I decided to go back to school to understand better how designers think and what inspires their work, and since then I have sought to develop a working language that can serve both the design of business as well as the business of design.

The ideas, concepts and notions that I write about in this blog have many origins, but only one goal: to further that language and share my views on the connection between the left and right sides of the brain. When both work in tandem and in dialogue with each other, then Art can move us, Design can become a true answer to many problems, and the divergence-convergence dialectic becomes a natural process for any action.

The turbulence of recent years has rocked the art and design world particularly hard as they strive to achieve the influence that defines their impact in society. The paradigm that defines design professions is shifting and most professionals in these fields are very focused in the discovery of ways to pro-act and overcome the challenge. I believe the answer will come from applying common sense to divergent thinking and designing robust platforms for creative businesses: this will come from what I call Deep Creativity. Exploring the inspiration and process that leads to Deep Creativity and finding ways to apply it to the real world is what this blog is all about.

My wife Jennifer (@decaporter, Imagination@Home blog) deserves a reference here for all the help I got in fast-tracking the blog set-up. It made it a much more pleasant experience and allowed me to go straight to writing mode. A big thank you! 

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